Nap Time

We have added sleep to the game! You can now sleep in beds to cause time to pass and speed up skill gain, crafting, and crop growth. Primarily for use in private servers

Item Filters

You can now filter by item name, type, and tier in the economy viewer.


Added ladder climbing and ladder blocks. Ladders can be made taking one of a variety of materials including hewn wood and placing it using a hammer. They take up a single block of space and can be placed freestanding, they are ideal for getting up tall buildings or deep mine shafts where stairs and ramps are impractical.


Added new "Demographics" feature.  A Demographic represents a group of players.  They're defined in laws, using law conditions.  Once defined, you can reference Demographics in multiple laws, as well as authorize Demographics on deeds and objects.  Demographics can be removed through laws also, but only if they are not being referenced by anything else.

New and Improved Chat Commands

  • Added chat command history.  Press the up and down arrow keys while typing in chat to cycle through your recently entered commands.

  • /give now accepts item display names. You can type the name of the item exactly as it appears in game now.

  • /time - shows the current time since server start. A user command.

  • /deletecontract - Deletes contacts by id.

  • /fastforward - Toggles the fast forward effect from sleep on and off.

  • /spawnbed - Spawns a bed in a house and puts you to sleep.

  • /spawncrafting - Creates a craft setup where output from one thing is input to another.

  • /claimrect - Claims plots in a given rect centered on the user.

  • /levelup - Learns and levels up a skill and all its prerequisites.

  • /unclaimabandoned - unclaims abandoned plots, owned by players that havent logged in for a given number of days.

Random Improvements

  • Avatars now play animations when their clothes/hair change.

  • Updated Meteor into! Now runs on a timer, or clicks.

  • Added profanity checks to sign and license plate text.

  • Show login UI after starting animation completed.

  • Prevent players from from making a currency that already exists.

  • Don't show exchange rates with NaN values.

  • Map icons are now GPU accelerated! (drastically improves map performance in worlds with a lot of objects).

  • The tractor module, sower and harvester can be enable/disable using alpha1 key.

  • With contracts, in the "transport" clause and "put item in container" clause you are able to target fuel container like blast furnace and brazier.

  • Tweaked player acceleration so it's easier to make small movements while building.

  • Max reputation you can give a person is now 30 (3 days worth).

  • You can now sit upon various world objects.

  • Added an option for doing one-time taxes and allocations on law passed.

  • Set the treasury at the top inside the currency report.

  • User handles enable admins to refer to users by a numeric handle instead of username.

  • Adds Ukrainian Language Option.

  • Tooltips now close when you start dragging items.

  • Change the match rating on the server listing UI to be a match score, not a percentage.

  • Add new animations for server category banners on the recommended new game server UI.

  • Update new game server browser headings to include particle effects.

  • Contractors can now mark a contract as failed if the time limit on the contract is reached.

  • When loading from a backup, servers will now try to load from a different backup if the most recent one is corrupt.

  • If an object has no owner, display the name of its creator in the user interface instead.

  • Add tiers to certain world objects, such as doors, to count towards a building's overall tier rating.

  • Guard against overwriting .eco save file if it would end up corrupted.

  • Greatly improves server start-up speed for servers with big Power Grids.

  • Added additional foraging triggers.

  • Changed selected item text from "Amount" to "Selected".

  • Mods can now define new components and UI for them!  Values can be set to be editable/visible by owners or guests, and supports a few different types of values: numbers, ranges, and buttons.

  • Implemented language/region lock. By default you will now only see servers that match your configured language. This feature can be opted-out of in the escape menu settings. This feature does not affect LAN, Favorites, or Recently Played listings. The Server and Client now detect system language on first start-up. If launched through steam, Eco will take the language set in your steam preferences.


  • Fixed errors with the tooltips of users that have special characters in their names.  Tooltips should now work for all users.

  • Fixed a bad hitbox on the Treasury Allocation window, that caused it to close unexpectedly.

  • Fixed spelling for Calculated.

  • Fix an issue where the contract currency reset to the owner currency credit after a server restart.

  • Force the skill points to be between 0 and 1 million to prevent giving huge number of skill point and break the UI.

  • Fixed map shadows sometimes disappearing when zooming in.

  • Fixed various avatar tool change animation issues.

  • Fixed bug where metal brazier not see linked inventories.

  • Fix issue where you can't select shovel when carrying garbage.

  • Fixed a client bug which caused the laws window to display placeholder text ("Voted for George") if you placed a vote but later all the candidates you voted for got removed.

  • Fixed held tools not showing when exiting vehicles.

  • Should of fixed the red bar issue, possibly due to multiple ways data was being displayed.

  • Prevent crash if server info (e.g. name and description) are too long.

  • Fixed bug causing error message pop ups to appear behind the server connection menu.

  • Prevent use of the property claim tool while carrying stuff (e.g. wood, sand, etc.)

  • Fix a rounding issue occurring when changing price using Ctrl + click for some values.

  • Fixed a bug that would destroy plants upon being picked if their yield is zero.

  • The minimap now loads much more smoothly.

  • Fix reputation title saying N/A instead of the current title.

  • Fixed incorrect owner given in the notification message for buying a deed.

  • Fixed problems with the size and position of the minimap on reload.

  • Guard against server crash if a user's first time login fails.

  • Fixes all misspellings of the word "Tuesday".

  • Fix bug that was showing a control popup to place some tools (such as torches) into storage with a right-click, even though the server would not accept them.

  • Fix bug that was showing a control popup to place some tools (such as torches) into storage with a right-click, even though the server would not accept them.

  • Fix for new game menu left/right nav buttons occasionally becoming invisible.

  • Fix bug that force added 'Everyone' to authorisation settings for stores, etc. on server restart.

  • Fix for removal contract not granting permissions to remove fallen tree debris.

  • Make the Build Room contract clause require a minimum tier rather than specific building materials. Also fix a bug that was preventing the "No room at requested location" message from showing.

  • Fixed physics/plant issues near world borders.

  • Blocks placed above the world MaxY will now disappear instead of breaking everything.

  • Fixed a rare server exception in VehicleComponent.

  • Fixed building intro ui prefab.

  • Fix empty error bar in web interface.

  • Fix eventual problem with server hanging on load.

  • Fix server crash resulting from trying to repair an object (e.g. the hammer) which can be degraded but not repaired.

  • Fix issue that prevented the laws UI 'View' button from being clicked when it was "behind" the Government panel scrollbar.

  • Fixed a bug where getting taxed while crafting an object generates emissions would crash the server if the user didn't have enough money to pay the government.

  • Fix for non-disposed stream in DataStore.cs when save is corrupted.

  • Fixed problem with server crashes during startup during MinimapManager initialization.

  • Mint item filter is now resizable and draggable.

New Content in 7.7

Loans and Bonds!

  • Players can offer loans, or bonds (which are the reverse of bonds - people buy a bond from you and you pay them back with interest later).

Updated Ramps

  • Ramps are no longer objects but blocks, and can be built in 1-wide increments.

  • They can be dug up with a shovel for their component material.

Intro Story Sequence

  • Added a new introduction story sequence! Appears when you first look at the meteor for the tutorial and both sets up the story and objective and emphasizes the cooperation needed to succeed.

Recommended Servers

  • Changed the flow of getting into a game so recommended servers are highlighted and players are matched to servers based on their playtime. This should make finding online games much easier.

Discord Server Popup

  • Servers can now set a Discord address in their settings, and new joining users will be prompted to join it through the tutorials.

Tailings Efficiency

  • Changed base production of tailing from 2 to 5 for Iron Ingot recipe and from 1 to 2.5 for Smelt Iron recipe.

  • Now tailings affected by efficiency. On max efficiency 1 for Iron Ingot recipe and 0.5 for Smelt Iron recipe (you should smelt at least two ingots to get benefits).

Updated Minimap

  • Revamped the pullouts on the minimap.  Everything is in one settings pull out now, which has been updated to the new visual style.  World layers (now titled "Environment Data") have been changed from a drop down to a scroll box, with layers grouped into categories.


  • Performance has been improved, most noticeably when walking around the world.

Other Changes


  • Add contract tax to Payment Contract Clause.

  • Create new currency with "Coins per item" = 1.

  • After Currency created (and first coins emitted) you're not able to change "Coins per item".

  • Now contract for harvest allows to select beans, rice, camas bulb and other crops without seeds.

  • Contract Tax will be retained from payment on completion. Client will pay exactly specified amount, but contract have to pay tax from received payment. In case of failed contract it will be applied to Deposit as well, in this case Client have to paid tax from deposit.


  • Currencies list will now have scroll when it can't be fully placed on display.

  • Added actions "Plant", "Remove Stump", and "Harvest Leaves" to laws and stats.

  • Actions "Pick Up" and "Place" now support world objects, in addition to blocks.

  • The "Pick Up" action now supports mining and picking up rubble.

  • The "Pick Up" action also supports picking up "Wood Pulp", which is what"tree debris" is now called.

  • Laws can now reference total currency in circulation, as well as treasury balance, in addition to just the acting player's currency balance.

  • You can now have as many proposed laws at one time as you want. This restriction was pretty meaningless, since you can already propose multiple clauses in a single law, and it's not as necessary anymore since the default Citizenship law already prevents the most egregious cases of trolling.

  • Added support for conditions on the "number of players" value.  For example: "when attempting to gain skill Cooking, if (number of players where (level of Cooking > 0) > 3) prevent".

  • Indirect ways of killing plants are now counted as "Harvest" actions.  This includes things like shoveling or plowing the dirt under a plant. This only applies to living plants.  Removing a dead plant does not count as a "Harvest".

  • Changed how stats and legality checks for "Craft" work. You can now always start a project, regardless of legality. The project will become blocked based on whether it is legally allowed to craft one more item. A "Craft" action is only recorded in stats once an item has finished crafting. Among other things, this significantly reduces inaccurate "Craft" stats due to cancelling a project. The issue can still arise if you cancel a project after some items are crafted and waiting to be collected at the crafting station.

  • Added the ability to regulate minting coins in laws.

Graphics and UI

  • Updated the Storage tab to the new visual style.

  • World markers now clamp to the screen correctly, and display in minimap list properly if they have tags.

  • Updated Global Illumination to reflect terrain / water colors.

  • Make info panel resizable (Currencies Report etc).

  • Updated the following object tabs to the new visual style: Credit, Exchange, Power, Mint, Modules, Network, Pipes.

  • Made the meteor not zoom-in until after you have opened the meteor tutorial.

  • Added a button to world marker UI to open/show markers on the map.

  • Add filter by language and version for recommended servers.

  • Rapidly clicking now performs the same as holding down click e.g. when chopping down trees and mining rocks.

  • Opened server info for Recommended Tab will not persist after Escape.

  • Adjusted headers width so they now works much better with non-English locales having longer words.

  • Added an error message which explains why a skill scroll failed to work if the player has a full inventory.

  • Added a notification message when buying a deed.

  • Ensure that open/closed state on linked inventories gets saved between play sessions.


  • You can once more edit the names of unowned objects.

  • You can now cancel loading a world with the escape button.

  • Players authorized on a property now have full edit capabilities on any stores on the property, instead of having strange partial edit capabilities.

  • Room tiers are now determined by the average tier of all blocks that make up the room, World objects have a had their material requirement changed to reflect this change.

  • Created a testing framework for auto-testing UIs on the client.

  • Editing world markers no longer auto-opens the map.

  • Added /save command for admin which saves the world!

  • Increased time you can pick up hunted animals to 3-5 minutes.

  • Changed the cap on crafting order quantity from 999 to 9999, which is now enforced both when typing and when clicking the buttons.

Bugs Squashed

  • If for some reason tutorial broken it now will not stop you from progress.

  • Fixed duplicate content sometimes appearing in tooltips.

  • Fixed several issues with tooltips closing unexpectedly.

  • Fixed some cases of the tooltip for a nearby link showing up instead of the one you are actually hovering over.

  • Opening the Storage tab for the first time is significantly smoother, and should no longer cause freezing when there are large numbers of linked inventories.  Re-opening a recently opened Storage tab is near instantaneous.

  • Fixed a bug that made the player turn when toggling vehicle tools on/off.

  • Fixed being able to lock yourself out of public objects.

  • Fixed controls popups showing up even when you aren't in range to interact with what you're looking at.

  • Added tooltips to missing ingredients of current projects on the Crafting tab.

  • Fixes issue where recipe text was not being localized.

  • Fixed cases of servers joined by ip address not being loaded in the Join screen 'Recent' section.

  • Fixed cases of the Join screen 'Favorites' section becoming confused after changing favorites around.

  • Pulls last remaining strings from escape menu for localization.

  • Fixed a bug where plants would rarely have insane negative and/or positive populations.

  • Fixed the caret in the New World text box being too high sometimes.

  • Fixed the controls text for the form selection popup (it used to always say '1', now it will say 'shift' or whatever the appropriate control is).

  • Prevent the eating of food directly from inventories where you would not be allowed to remove it.

  • Sprite tags used in signs & license plates no longer float when viewed from far away.

  • Fixed doors counting as T0 materials.

  • Fixed being able to place starter camp on other people's property.

  • Fixed an issue with storage links on electric tables.

  • Fixes a break in the tutorial sequence.

  • Fixed contracts giving access to vehicles that happen to be on a property specified by the contract.

  • Fixed contracts with null property specified giving auth to vehicles that happen to be on public land.

  • Fixed a display issue where a single property plot would not get updated visually until relogging.

  • Fixed plant pollution visualization.

  • Fixed weird behavior when starting swimming from a 1 block depth.

  • Fixed Vehicle tools won't dump/pull from fuel supplies.

  • Fixed property & world layer alignment for far away terrain.

  • Fixed the Storage tab still showing inventories for objects that had been recently picked up.

  • Fixes crashes related to property threading issues, perhaps caused by placing a lot of objects really fast.

  • Fixed a bug that could make you get stuck on steep block edges w/ falling sounds.

  • Fixed a rare exception while updating animal positions.

  • Elevators now reliably load before carts that might be on them.

  • Fixed UI problem when No More Wanted appears for owner.

  • When failing to claim property with the property tool (Eg. because you have no land claim papers), there will no longer be an empty deed created.

  • Fixed other player animations jiggling while riding in vehicles.

  • Fixed other players appearing to get stuck when exiting some vehicles.

  • Fixed: Distribution Station fails to Apply distribution.

  • Fixed full screen resolution setting and Apply/Reset behavior.

  • Fixed cursor not disappearing after closing the escape menu.

  • Fixed table headers cutting for Economy Viewer (like Curenc for Currency).

  • Fixed resetting to defaults for graphics UI.

  • Fixes issue where cursor interaction is shifted when playing in windowed mode.

  • Fix for text components (e.g. signs, carts, etc.) not updating when the text was deleted/cleared.

  • Fixed behavior when Favorite servers list preserves space after refresh.

  • Fixed laws that prevent placement allowing you to actually place infinite starter camps for free.

  • Fixed bug which allowed the starter camp to be spawned partially over water/big drops.

  • Fixed tab wasn't counted as pressed for tutorial.

  • Fixed bug that prevented vehicle modules from being picked up along with the vehicle itself, causing those modules to be lost.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the UI from updating when a user entered an IP address on the server browser screen.

  • Fixed bug preventing the world objective from showing until after the player interacted with the text input field.

  • Replaced all instances of 'governship' with 'governance'.

  • Fix a crash occurred when clicking to select a item stack while carrying something with a shovel.


Distribution Station

  • Added a new Distribution Station object. This is a stockpile where the owner can set a ration of items that every new player can take, which they will be notified of with a World Marker when they enter the game. With this object, citizens and governments can set up items to provide to new players to help them get started/catch up. You'll also be able to see the items provided from the Server Browser.

  • You can set the max 'age' of a player for them to be eligible for items.

Added Chainsaw

Starter Camp

  • The camp comes with a small stockpile and contains starting supplies.

  • The camp also serves as a crafting table that can craft a limited selection of things.

Real Estate Desk

  • At the desk, you can examine your deeds, edit their settings, move land and vehicles between deeds, create and delete deeds, and unclaim land and vehicles. You can also buy and sell deeds.

  • Deeds are no longer items that you can carry in your inventory.

  • Replaced "Property Claim Flags" with a "Land Claim Stake" tool and "Land Claim Papers". The Land Claim Stake works similarly to how claim flags used to work - hold it and right click to claim some land. It also has some new features.  You can hold it and left click on claimed land to unclaim it. You can also target claimed land with it and press 'E' to open the deed window for that land. The Land Claim Stake uses Land Claim Papers. Each paper represents your right to claim 1 plot of land. Unlocking skills will grant you Land Claim Papers, in the same way it used to grant you Property Claim Flags previously.

  • When you claim land with the Land Claim Stake, the deed that the land is attached to is no longer determined by the deed in your inventory (since you can't have deeds in your inventory). Rather, it is determined by the deeds of nearby plots belonging to you, and .  If there are none within range, a new deed is created.

  • The treatment of vehicles versus stationary objects with regards to deeds and authorization has been unified, and the 'Auth' tab of the object window - which has been renamed to the 'Authorization' tab and given an overhaul to improve both clarity and appearance - will appear for both. No more 'Lock' toggle for vehicles - they now have full authorization settings support just like stationary objects (that is, the ability to set them to public, whitelist, or inherit from deed mode).

  • Added an "Unclaim Property" action to stats, which can be referenced in laws.

Robotic Assembly Line

  • The Robotic Assembly Line is used to craft all internal combustion engine vehicles and other advanced machinery.


  • Added calculated exchange rates.  Eco will now compare trades of the same item in different currencies to make a rough exchange rate, which can be used by citizens to help understand prices (how to shop and how to set prices).  The inner details of how they're calculated is displayed as well, so players can make informed decisions. You can view this in a currency’s ‘Currency Report’. Will be doing more with this exchange rate later.

  • Added intro sequences for food and housing, explaining the concepts with icons and animations.

  • Made it easier to exit water in a few situations like 1 block thick docks.

  • Third person mode in vehicles now zooms out further and behaves more consistently.

  • Vehicles with tools now attempt to dump into multiple inventories for objects that have multiple inventories.


  • Made the server browser ping filter go to ‘unlimited’ (previously went to 500ms)

  • Improved client script performance.

  • Eliminated performance impact of using world markers.


  • Added a key binding to toggle 3rd person (defaults to F5).

  • Changed the nutrient values of almost everything, generally a ~20% increase.

  • Nutrient values now scale more aggressively with higher tier food.

  • Recipe costs changed due to recent farming/collection changes.

  • Removed Campfire Cooking skill - the recipes are now available to everyone.

  • Old Campfire Cooking recipes ingredients have been modified due to no efficiency/speed skills.

  • Removed Basic Crafting skill - the recipes are now available to everyone.

  • Basic Crafting recipes ingredients have been modified due to no efficiency/speed skills.

  • Players now start with reduced land claims and a camp item.

  • Most plants now give less resources.

  • Added seed recipe for mushrooms.

  • Gathered seeds no longer increase with gathering skill.

  • Blast furnaces once again produce tailings.

  • Blast furnaces are now harder to make.

  • Lots of miscellaneous changes to late game recipes.

  • Ingots (all kinds) are more expensive, other recipe costs reduced where appropriate.

  • Ingots now weigh less.

  • Steel now requires coal or charcoal to smelt.


  • Fixed an issue where a vehicle with both a fuel supply and storage would behave inconsistently in the linked inventory UI. (The UI displayed the fuel supply and the storage as separate inventories with separate settings, but the server treated both inventories as sharing the same settings. Now the server also treats them as separate inventories).

  • Fixed the fishing line not meeting with the lure correctly.

  • When attempting to join a server by ip address, if you enter an invalid ip, it will now show an error message instead of attempting to connect forever.

  • Single-player server will now close itself if the client crashes.